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get fit outside,

at home, & ON THE GO.

No walls, screens, or machines required!

"We absolutely love [Rising Wild]. I am a firm screen denier....This application has gone above and beyond for our family. Our two oldest are completely committed and spend wonderful quality active time together completing the challenges without requiring my presence at all. It is easy to use and so, so simple....If I could have created the perfect application for my children, this would have been it."

- Bri. S, Chatham, MA

From the creators of Kids Obstacle Challenge® comes a new era of adventure & fitness...Rising WildTM


Rising Wild provides a way for kids and families to join an adventure and fitness community without gathering in groups and to have fun and stay fit in the outdoors without being tethered to screens.  


At its core, Rising Wild is about outdoor adventure and play, imagination, movement, and fun. We believe kids are far more capable than we give them credit and want to be challenged. 


We want kids to rise up and move. We want them to be wild & experience the wild. We want them to reclaim a measure of independence. We want them to use their imaginations and solve problems. We want them to look away from screens, see the world, learn about it, and move within it.  


Now, it's time to move & get wild!


meet the heroes!

The Rising Wild heroes are an inseparable pack of outdoor & adventure enthusiasts who met in the wild. The 3D characters, who are featured on the Wild Pack cards and the mobile app, will inspire & encourage your kids to be brave, perseverant, & physically active. 

Grit is from Venice Beach. He’s strong, endurant, & tough. He’s pumped to get fit with you!

Sage lived overseas until he moved home to Virginia when he was 12. He loves trekking & yoga & has excellent survival & navigational skills.

Sunshine is from Iowa. She is kinda silly & loves sports, music, & dancing. You’re gonna have a ton of fun with her!

Dawn is from Hawaii. She loves adventure & outdoor sports. Get ready to surf, kayak, and explore with her!



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